• Nando's Chicken Restaurant

    Announcing Nando's Home Delivery - Wherever you like it, Nando's will be there. 

    A teaser for what's coming to Nando's on Friendships' Day. 

    A print ad announcing Nando's successful one year in Bangalore. 

    They might be lurking in the cubicle next to you or lounging in a cushy corner office. They could be e-nagging you daily or haunting your dreams at night.  The people you work with have the power to influence, annoy, inspire, and scare the living daylights out of you.

    No matter how terrible or awesome your co-workers are, you'll find yourself smiling. With every co-worker you bring along with you to Nando's, get Rs.100 off. 

    For every gossip monger, slacker, ass-kisser, whiner, control freak, thief and smiling backstabber you bring along to Nando’s with you, get Rs.100 off on the bill. Head to Nando’s with your peers right away and avail this exciting offer.

    Car stickers for Nando's patrons.


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    1. i like all the script, art done for nandos poster

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