• Back to School by Lenovo

    The brief - Make college-goers(aged 18-24) choose Lenovo over other brands which are competitively priced with identical features. Lenovo has always had a 'serious' Doer messaging.

    What we did - Connect with the TG in a way that has little to do with the product but everything to do with the brand. We encourage them to be pioneers in their own right by engaging them in ways that they find fun.

    Why? Lenovo Thinkpad has always been the first to do it first - from introducing the world's first trackpoint device to being the first laptop to go into space.

    This is a primarily a twitter-hashtag campaign and also involves activations inside, outside and near college campuses.

    'Teaser' posters :

    On-campus installations:

    Other instances: 
    Outside a music school:
    Marie was the first to make an Acapella of Beethoven’s 5th symphony.

    In a park next to a river
    First to swim across the English Channel wearing socks that don’t match.

    In a theme park
    First to fly around the world in a hot air balloon, without landing.
    Play a full game of chess on a rollercoaster.

    On the beach:
    First to go scuba diving with clown fish dressed as a clown.

    On college campus, before vacations begin:
    First to visit all states of (your country) by foot.

    At the airport
    First to go to every Continent on the planet.

    Challenge Booths: In places like malls and college campus canteens, installations that resemble arcade booths will be placed with a Lenovo touchscreen laptop in it.

    A challenge will appear on the screen of the laptop asking the user to be the first to do something. For example,
    Be the first to type the below phrase in 30 seconds.The lazy fox can never jump over the quick brown dog.

    After the student accomplishes this, he’ll tweet:

    Be the first to run 10k without tripping in Temple run.
    After accomplishing this, I’ll tweet with a pic:

    Users can log in using their twitter id and attempt to complete the challenge. The first user to complete the challenge will be rewarded with Lenovo reward points.
    • Their accomplishment will be updated on their twitter page.
    • Once the challenge is completed, a new challenge will appear on the screen.
    • Users can also post their own achievements and post it on the twitter page, which the twitter-page admins will reward points to. For instance:
    When consumers search for #DoItFirst on twitter, they will see all the tweets of things others have done first. To illustrate the purpose of the hashtag #doitfirst is so that Lenovo can track all the do-it-firsts. A simple search of the keyword “#doitfirst” reveals the tweets.  

    Users can also challenge previous accomplishments. The tag “#challenge + #doitfirst” can enable us to search for these challenges. Challenges can earn them more points.

    Once on twitter, consumers can find the twitter page by searching for @DoitFirst.  

    Doitfirst ads on popular sites such as collegehumour, myspace et cetra.

    Custom-ads in youtube and collegehumor(based on the video/songthey're listening to)

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