• Kurl-on TVC scripts

    Kurl-on wanted some TVC's to establish that they are the sleep experts. Here are some scripts presented to the client:

    Script 1:
    Funny snippets of every day life:

    Running out of water in the middle of a shower, getting puddle-water splashed on by vehicles, speeding to go through a green signal and it suddenly turning red, slipping and falling in the bathroom after taking a shower and falling off while jumping on a trampoline.

    SUPER: Life sucks. Thankfully, you are asleep for 1/3rd of your it.
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    Sleep better.

    The Insight: We spend 1/3rd of our lives sleeping, make the best of it.

    Script 2:
    A series of continuous shots of :
    Milk being poured into a glass with honey, a man wearing eye masks for sleeping, a woman taping all the curtains to block out light, a man putting his television on white noise, a woman reading a kid’s fairytale book, a man spraying his pillows with lavender oil, wearing earmuffs, a man taking a bubble bath, a woman getting ready to sleep on her rocking chair/swing.
    SFX: All the things we do just to fall asleep.
    VFX: Footage of a guy going to sleep

    Kurl-on- No one knows sleep better.
    Kurl-on Logo.

    Insight: The lengths you go to, in order to fall asleep. 

    Script 3:
    SFX: Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly’ playing. (Or any other ‘happy song’)
    A guy comes back home from work, changes, gets into bed, falls asleep within minutes. (IT can be shot like a musical, with him dancing his way to his wardrobe, changing, having dinner etc)

    Time Lapse of the night to morning.

    He wakes up fully refreshed, smiling and ready for the day. He stretches his arms out and lets out a yelp.

    SFX: (MVO chuckles) Only if
    getting into bed, falling asleep and waking refreshed and ready for the day,was this easy. If you wake up with a bodyache, then it’s time you change the mattress. Kurl-on : Making  sleep easy since 1962.   
    The insight: Getting into bed, fall asleep, sleeping without interruption and waking refreshed and ready for the day, is not this easy.

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