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    Getrim is a big player in the weight-loss and healthy foods segment in Tamil Nadu.They wanted some radio ads to promote their newly-launched product - Getrim Meal Bar, in Coimbatore. The challenge was to make the ads interesting, while conveying the message that Getrim makes it easier to stick to your diet.

    The scripts are in English, but the radio spots are recorded in Tamil. Two sets of scripts were presented and the client decided to go with the latter. 

    Portion Control:

    (Ambient sounds of café)
    Waiter: Maa’m are you ready to order?
    Girl: I’ll have 1/8th of the slice of raspberry cheesecake. And 1/4th glass of Lychee Milkshake. That is all. 
    VO(chuckles): You’ll never have to starve to lose weight. The Getrim range of nutritious, low-calorie milkshakes and meal bars are an easy, stress-free way to help you stick to your diet. Available at your neighbourhood stores and pharmacies.

    Weird food choices: 

    (Ambient Sounds of restaurant)
    Man: (loudly) Excuse me, menu please.
    Waiter: (rattles off ) Idly, vadai, masala bath,kesri bath, Masal Dose, plain dose, rave dose, butter masala,  cheese masala, set dose, schezwan dose , mysore, Pongaaal..
    Man: Do you have Papaya Dosa?
    (SFX: comical boing!)
    VO: Fad diets are inconvenient. And impossible to follow. The Getrim range of nutritious milkshakes and meal bars make sticking to your diet so easy. Available at your neighbourhood store and pharmacies.

    The recorded radio spots:

    Radio Spot - 1

    Radio Spot - 2

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